who we are ? 

The company works in the development of partnerships and investment opportunities in Turkey and the Arab Countries and we provide business services to all Arab customers with credibility and high transparency.

 Director's Message : 

Due to the greatness of the Turkish Market and the status of Turkey as a country that combined European quality and reasonable price, it was a target for all traders who were interest with high quality products. The geographical concentration of the Turkish state contributed to the weighting of many traders to cooperate with Turkish goods only. The logistic support of the product and the possibility of reviewing the factory at high speed and simple cost is very important

Alaa Cik



About our services 


Inspection and approval 

  • We provide continuous monitoring of the buyer's goods during the preparation and shipping stages
  • Where we work to be the goods conform to the required specifications,
  • confirm the dates of receipt and proper shipping of goods


Trade Negotiation :

  • Through a network of highly experienced negotiators in their specialties we secure the best price for the buyer in many commercial areas


Find  products : 

  • Interested buyers from Turkey can use our business consulting firm to get the support needed to achieve their goals


Customs clearance &  Freight Services :

  •  We finalize customs clearance procedures and provide all the necessary papers from the certificates of origin and invoices and their ratification, and the preparation and preparation for exportprovide all shipping services to customers, from shipping excess luggage at airports to shipping cars with customs clearance


Establish a company 

  • Writing the company's memorandum of association and finalizing all the papers legally so that they are ready for work.
  •  Temporary address or so-called "virtual office"
  •  A legal accountant 
  • Translation of all the details of the establishment of the company where we have certified translators will accompany you every step.
  • Coordinate and process the company's accounting book.
  • Financial and service consulting for one year free of charge in all the necessary commercial procedures